The Most Intriguing Art Research Paper Topics

Art is long, and life is short. We are all involved in art in one way or another. Some artists devoted their lives to painting, music, or literature but were recognized only after death. We turn to art when looking for a piece of mind, relaxation, thoughts-expression, and even as a kind of therapy. Naturally, not all people and professional art critics can differentiate styles and epochs. Still, they all have their preferences and like to admire one or another piece of art to their taste. When the teacher asks students to write a work on art, not all of them are delighted since the variety of research paper topics about art to cover may make them confused.

How to Select the Best Art Research Paper Topics?

Making art and writing about art are different things. But both processes require inspiration and a deep understanding of the procedure. When needing to define the most suitable research paper topics about art, students start sorting out the ideas and information, trying to find exciting and, at the same time, simple themes. We provide some helpful tips to simplify your hesitations and choice-making sufferings:

  • Do not write about unknown issues.
  • Surf the Internet to define if the topic is investigated enough to get sufficient information.
  • Avoid tedious and widely discussed themes so as not to be boring.
  • Consider the scope of the subject and do not overwhelm it with numerous ideas.
  • Think about catchy and actual ideas to engage your reader and evoke interest.

Remember that there are numerous research paper topics about art to cover, and you may select any. But, at the same time, bear in mind that it is the face of your paper that should encourage reading and hint at something exciting inside.

List of Art Research Paper Topics

We aim to assist confused or knowledgeable students who hesitate about the right topic for their essays. You should define what area of art you’re interested in and browse the Internet for bright ideas. We offer a list of topics that may serve as a lifebuoy for those learners who cannot define the best case to cover.

  1. New trends of modern art.
  2. Symbols of carnivals around the world.
  3. Famous cultures in big cities.
  4. Symbols of Egyptian culture.
  5. Impact of artists on historical events.
  6. Classical art is a lesson to modern artists.
  7. Value of ancient art for today’s culture.
  8. How does art assist in expressing emotions?
  9. Recognition of physical symptoms in pieces of art.
  10. Art and craft: what is the difference?
  11. The inner world is represented in pictures and music.
  12. Why do not all people understand modern art?
  13. Impact of art on tastes.
  14. Do artists have another perception of the world than ordinary people?
  15. Is it possible to become an artist without education?
  16. The greatest sculptors that changed history.
  17. Mystery of Leonardo da Vinci pictures.
  18. Should a well-educated person be good at art?
  19. Women in art.
  20. Why some pieces of art are considered to be masterpieces: Criteria and norms.

Interesting Research Paper Topics

Since we always strive to dive into the world of new information, we greedily read passage by passage accumulating new facts when striving for self-development. It happens with everyone when we start reading articles, papers, blogs, or other writings because exciting titles grab our attention and imply something intriguing. The decisive factor in reading about such uncommon details is a topic that has a hook and makes us get closer to the themes we usually avoid. We have prepared a list of fascinating research paper topics about art that will not leave you indifferent.

  1. The message of symbolism pictures.
  2. Melodies that influence the mood: Mystery or science.
  3. Prominent women in classical music: Do they exist?
  4. “Black square”: Secrets and essence.
  5. How to mix colors?
  6. Meanings of colors in different cultures.
  7. Can everyone have an ear for music?
  8. What were the first sculptures made of?
  9. The change in beauty standards is followed in pictures.
  10. Art schools in Europe
  11. Why did Van Gogh cut off his ear?
  12. Talents of Leonardo da Vinci.
  13. The most expensive paintings ever?
  14. How much should the art cost?
  15. Unrecognized artists of modern days.

World Art Research Paper Topics

World art is rich in prominent people and their works that evoke lots of interest and have numerous unanswered questions. There is much research and investigation around well-known masterpieces and architectural monuments. At the same time, debatable questions still require attention and study. So, do not lose your chance to select among the best research paper topics about art from the list.

  1. Is art really eternal?
  2. Life stories of the most expensive artists.
  3. Unusual musical instruments.
  4. The oldest architectural monuments in the world.
  5. The first building plan: A mix of art and architecture.
  6. The mystery of Stone Henge.
  7. History of printmaking.
  8. Ways of art application in modern society.
  9. The most expensive musical instruments.
  10. The most often played musical pieces.
  11. Traits of Impressionism and Symbolism.
  12. Cubism: Peculiarities and features.
  13. Popularity and effectiveness of art therapy.
  14. Types of paintings: Quirks and characteristics.
  15. Interaction of art and religion.

Research Paper Topics on Minimalism Art

Minimalism is an art movement that started in post World War II period and was applied in visual art, music, and others. Later, it became a part of architecture, fashion, design, and other areas of art. If you want to dig deeper into this movement’s essence and main principles and search for research paper topics about art, appeal to our list of exciting ideas.

  1. Minimalism as an art style.
  2. Interior design and minimalism.
  3. Prominent artists of minimalism.
  4. The concepts of minimalism in modern art.
  5. Minimalism in literature: Ideas and features.
  6. Minimalistic tendencies in visual art.
  7. Architectural minimalistic ideas: Practicality and simplicity.
  8. Where did minimalism come from?
  9. Composers-minimalists: Applied techniques and expressed views.
  10. Pros and cons of minimalism in design and architecture.

Renaissance Art History Research Paper Topics

We used to associate Renesaince with fine art and something majestic and splendid. Renaissance is translated as rebirth. It was an epoch in art and culture in the 15th and 16th centuries that was based on ideas of humanism and was oriented on ancient heritage. There are still some pieces of art left for today that impress us with their beauty. When required to reveal any theme based on Renaissance, do not hesitate to turn to our research paper topics about art.

  1. Anatomy and art in the Renaissance.
  2. The technology of fresco creation.
  3. Key figures of the Renaissance.
  4. Play of lights and shed in pictures.
  5. An in-depth look at humanism in the Renaissance era.
  6. Main topics in pictures of Renaissance painters.
  7. Heritage of Renaissance art that is preserved to this day.
  8. Sculptures of the Renaissance.
  9. The Renaissance in Italy and other Mediterranean areas.
  10. Main concepts of the Renaissance

Art History Research Paper Topics

The history of art seems to have no boundaries. It dates back to ancient times and covers the whole world, each culture, and social layer. When studying art history and working on research paper topics about art, we dive into the past and discover the origin of things that evoke inspiration and adoration in billions of people. Moreover, it gives us an opportunity to glimpse into a biography of artists who seldom were recognized and understood during their life. You also have a chance to touch on history working on your research papers.

  1. First musical instruments.
  2. Can rock paintings be considered ancient art?
  3. Types of painting and their history.
  4. What is the first piece of art in the world?
  5. Music of the XIX century.
  6. What was the first paint made of?
  7. The first museum.
  8. Prominent opera singers.
  9. Evolution of art.
  10. Possibility to study history referring to pieces of art.

Art Research Paper Ideas

A bright idea can give a push and inspire creativity. We have collected various themes that grasp readers’ attention from the first words and encourage reading your creation. So, aiming to investigate existing research paper topics about art to upgrade your knowledge or GPA, you may turn to the list presented below. Be sure that when appealing to any of them, you will boost with ideas and impress your audience.

  1. The secret of Mona Lisa’s smile.
  2. Stradivarius violin: Art and monetary value.
  3. How could Ludwig van Beethoven write music being deaf?
  4. Critical points in differentiating between art movements.
  5. Famous art models.
  6. Did pictures replace photos for wealthy people in the XVII-XVIII centuries?
  7. The story of the Globe theater creation.
  8. What were the most often-acted plays ever?
  9. Power and necessity of art therapy for children with mental disorders.
  10. What art is more understandable: Classical vs. modern movements